Lula, in this election,
We consider you champion,
I go ahead, taking my friends,
I go to give you a right vote,
Let´s go, my people, because Lula appeared for us,
Lula, you already are the president of Brazil.

My friend Lula, in the first time we met, I was in Belo Horizonte (MG).
It was a great meeting with some indigenous, and I was that one ,who declaimed this verse to you.
Today, on this Friday,(01/27/2006) We are here for 94 days of retaken, in the farm of João Alves de Lima, which were in ownership of Peixinho and his sister Conceição.
We indigenous are very, very worried, because to demand our rights, and to have assurance of them, we have to run life risk.
In visit to State legislative in Bahia, for the creation of COIAB ,we received your visit, LULA you were still in campaign, still a candidate to be our president.
Then, you gave us a document ,with several pages. This document expressed
Your commitment in relation to the LANDMARK and to the homologation of the aboriginal areas in Brazil.
Today, almost in the 4th year of your government, we didn´t receive an answer …The document was elaborated by yourself.
Today, the indigenous are suffering, because justice doesn´t deliver our lands, making the indigenous to risk their lives and to spill their blood.
That´s why we are here, confined in 1.070ha,with two thresholds in favour of Peixinho, the farmer, and against us,
One threshold is about the owning reintegration and the other ,is about the fulfill of this reintegration.
We have a president of FUNAI ,that ignores our rights, when saying that the Brazilian indigenous have too much land.
We are without support. Neither from Funai nor from you. The situation is terrible, for us.
When we were fighting for our rights in the constituent, we had your support.
We passed 90 days in Brasilia ,and we obtained a big advance, that resulted in the chapter VIII of the 1988 constitution, and its articles 231 and 232 , says that : There are recognized to the indigenous ,its social organization, t he land that they traditionally occupy and that the UNION must demarcate them, protect them and to make respecting all its goods.
However, what is written in the Constitution has not been fulfilled .It was not what we imagine Mr. President!!! We would like that you fulfilled your promise ,when you said that: THIS WOULD BE ONE OF THE FIRST PROBLEMS THAT YOU WOULD DECIDE,
We are not bearing anymore ,the lack of respect to our rights.


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