Your Excellence Mrs. President of STF, and Minister, Ellen Gracie and your Excellence Mr. Minister Eros Grau.

The signatories, want to require ,that you please give urgency and priority in the judgment of ACO-312, which refers to the nullity of the indigenous headings given on Indian lands Caramuru and Paraguaçu.

We understand that the traditional lands of the people Pataxó Hahahae, must return immediately to the exclusive fruition of these Indians, as well as order our Carta Magna (Great letter),the Federal Constitution.
THE SUFFERING OF THIS PEOPLE WILL ONLY HAVE AN END, with the pacific return to their traditional lands, and this only will be possible by the judgment of the process.
We also ask that concomitantly this present petition to the action, could be annexed to the one it mentions itself.

In the form below, if you are European to indicate in the field “n° of document of identity” your profession, locality and nationality. A email will be sent to you to wonder to confirm your signature.

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