Messrs. Law men,
President of FUNAI,
Justice minister,
Human rights lawyers
Federal and state deputies
Mr. President ,Luis Inácio Lula da |Silva

We, the indigenous community Pataxó hãhãhãe, and all the brazilian indigenous, want to tell you, competent authorities­ ( We must apply to the authorities) –that we are very sad to tell you our situation, expelled from our lands,
and Justice does nothing to avoid it.
We want justice to take the necessary steps, to bring back our land, because the farmers are spending lots of money with the judge PEDRO ALBERTO CALMON HOLIDAY, from Ilhéus, BA.
We ask ourselves, whether they studied so many time only to behave badly with our nation…
We´d like to mention here ,that our people is suffering, since 1936, without a solution.
We´d like to say that here, in our land, in our Country, in our Brazil, all we received was VIOLENCE!!!
Violence from the farmers, from miners, from everybody- even from civil servants, who are crazy for money.
We are risking our lives, living on farms we recovered.
They are all against us: The judge of Ilheus, Pedro Alberto Calmon Holiday,the farmers Paulo Peixinho and his sister Conceição, Edilson Correia, Reginaldo, and Mr.Osorino Silva Filho.
There is also a deputy involved with them. His name is Paulo Magalhães.
João Vianey, the delegate came here and said that the police will come to expel us.
We know there are several gunfighters in the neighbourhood too.

STOP!! We are asking for help !!! We are sons of Tupã (Deus) and the politicians only appear when they want votes…
We need your help , financial help to resist in our fight.
Signed document:
Ampohá Pataxó- vice cacique
Acanauã Pataxó- vice cacique
Wagner Ramos dos Santos- Leader
Lucidalva Pataxó
Cleonice Torres de Oliveira Pataxó
Maria Jose Muniz Pataxó
Nailton Muniz Pataxó- CHIEF (cacique)

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